My dear mother passed away a few years ago. I miss her very much, miss spending time with her talking about drawing and the arts, and miss the twinkle in her eyes.

As she grew older, she felt the need to pass on some special souvenirs that either belonged to her as a child or to her mother (handmade wish cards & handkerchiefs, for instance).

My mother loved to send us wish cards for numerous occasions, and since I lived far away we exchanged letters regularly. She appreciated that I took the time to choose pretty papers and often told me so.

While looking at these souvenirs and letters, I decided to assemble some of them in a collage. I used a photo of her, pieces of a letter that I find particular funny, sweet and loving, handkerchiefs that were somewhat damaged, a wish card, and some washi and textured papers.

Her letter is in French which is my mother tongue – English is a second language for me. I had the chance to grow up in a small village on the border of the United States and to learn both languages as a child. However, expressing my thoughts in English is not as easy as in French still.

My grandmother passed her love of art and her talent to my mother who passed it on to me and many others in our family – I feel I owe her. I don’t know who passed it on to her though, never thought of asking.

She was known to be a very respectful woman and never talked badly about anyone. She lived in her own house, made a garden every year and painted until she was 90 years old.

For my grandmother’s collage, since I didn’t have a letter from her, I chose one from a friend that related to the scene of the photo (on vacation at the lake). As both my mother and I, she loved flowers and that’s why I had to feature them in both collages.

I think of them often, especially since I’ve succeeded to spend more and more time creating over the last few years.

I wish they were here.

One thought on “Remembering

  1. What a beautiful post! And so inspiring. I too miss my mother, she passed in 2010 and there isn’t a day when I don’t think about her. Thanks for following my blog and I have reciprocated, your art is gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend!

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