On my balcony this year, I wanted some yellow, bright, cheerful, and easy to grow flowers.

I chose these daisies, know as African daisies (or osteospermum), that are giving me my money’s worth.

They should bloom all summer long – hope so!

At last!

As I mentioned on a previous post (My winged neighbors), I’ve been trying to take some photos of the turkey vultures when they come gliding above my house.

They are very difficult to photograph as they move very fast, and my photos are usually out of focus.

But this week, I was finally able to take a good enough photo where we can see some details – we can clearly see the shape of the wings and the small bald head covered in red.

The photo is not as sharp as I would like it to be, but I will try again and again all summer long.

Spring flowers, 2019 edition

It is always a renewed pleasure for me to see flowers growing back in the Spring.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am a “no-waste” girl. I never throw away scraps of paper, as little as they may be, and reuse them to create collages. I usually choose scraps of paper in various sizes and shapes, and in 3-4 different colors.

Since I mostly work on 9″x12″ paper, I have to create other formats of the scanned version (or parts of it) in Photoshop, so they better suit differently-shaped products.

These spring flowers on a pink or transparent background on different products in my shop at Society6.

Enjoy spring!

In heaven

When I see these beautiful skies, I feel I’m in heaven.

Since my moving along the Rivière-des-Prairies, I witnessed the most incredible sunsets. These were taken from August to October 2020 – the best time for the most colorful skies!

On the left photo below, the skies became bright yellow after the clouds briefly parted on the already low setting sun. It lasted at most 30 seconds, and it was as intense as it was brief.

On the right photo, the fluffly low cumulus caught my eyes.

But this is the most impressive skies I saw last Fall.

This humongous black cloud was moving fast, almost like a spaceship. I had to take this (blurry) photo quickly because I knew this was a precursor of torrential rains and strong winds.

It was scary but impressive!

Gorgeous duck

The migratory birds are back!

Last weekend, I spotted a colorful one on the Rivière-des-Prairies by my home – the Wood Duck.

The male has an intricate plumage – glossy green head with prominent crest at the rear, white throat, bright red eyes, and red-and-white bill.

The female has a warm brown plumage with a grayer slightly crested head, white a teardrop patch around the eyes, and a dark blue patch in wings.

This species is monogamous and the male remains with the same female during the whole breeding season. The male uses its beautiful plumage to attract the female by exposing and moving its wings and tail, and raising them frequently. I witnessed its dance today – great show!

What other birds will I discover this year? I will keep you posted.

Shadows bis

The inspiration this time is
the shadow of my lamp. The yellow tone of the tableau comes from the sun through my window shade.

I chose to draw 3 shadows either produced by my ceiling light at night (right) or by the sun at slighlty different times in the afternoon (left).

Again, on a textured paper that I pinned directly to the wall, I traced the contour of the shadows and completed the drawing with woodless graphite pencils and sticks.

Without the shade, the scene is much brighter. I like that we can better see the colored and white reflections on the white wall.

I will further experiment with shadows but this time on white paper and will somehow include the reflections.

I hope I’ll discover something unexpected that I didn’t even think about while imagining this new series.


I have always been fascinated by shadows.

In 2015, I worked on a series of drawings entitled ‘Me and my shadow’ that featured both the shadows and the subjects (see my post of March 25, 2019 in Drawing/Still life).

This time, I decided to draw only the shadows created by the lateral light from the late afternoon winter sun, as shown on the photo below.

On a textured paper that I pinned directly to the wall, I traced the contour of the shadow and completed the drawing using a variety of woodless graphite pencils (Bs and Hs). The drawing is the actual size of the shadow.

My intent is to have a mysteriously-shaped drawing that is completely recognizable only with the subject.

Below, two different tableaus with the drawing.

On my next post, another one of the same series but this time with one of the lamps and multiple shadows.

Hope you like it!

In my bubble

Has recommended by our public health, every household has been living in a ”bubble” for many months now – general rule, no outsiders in one’s home.

So with the confinement, eventually the bubbles and now the curfew, we have a lot less distractions and more time on our hands. It took me some time getting use to it all but now I appreciate having the extra time to contemplate and reflect on what’s next, or even to do a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y nothing.

So, in the last weeks, I’ve decided that this is the year to put it all to use – the pens, pencils, sticks, brushes, paints, and all the different kinds of paper. My head is full of ideas and I want to take at least 10 to 15 minutes every day to put them on paper. Sometimes, I might look at a sketch for weeks before I figure out exactly what will become of it.

This is my first series entitled ”In my bubble” that I chose to do in the Pantone colors of the year: Illuminating and Ultimate gray. I love the vibrant yellow!

My mission this year is to experiment, use all the colors of the rainbow and, most of all, have fun, fun, fun!

A lot of snow

At last!

Last weekend we finally got our first snowstorm of the year, the kind with big snowflakes. And after 24 hours we had about 30 centimeters of snow (approximately 1 foot).

And the nature lovers were out walking, skiing or playing in the snow.

A lot of Montrealers were inspired and snowmen and sculptures appeared all over Montreal in parks and on lawns.

Check it out: https://www.lesacdechips.com/2021/01/17/les-photos-incroyables-de-montreal-remplie-de-bonhommes-de-neige-apres-la-tempete-de-neige