I initially studied photography mostly to become a portraitist.

I learned that in order to capture someone’s state of mind, personality or essence, it is of the utmost importance that the person is approached respectfully and feels at ease Рluckily, that was easy for me. It is a privilege for me to spend a moment with another person of any age or background and, in the process, discover another world.

Some of my most enjoyable shootings were spent with children. They are usually naturally at ease and spontaneous, and thus unpredictable – and that’s the fun part. Observing without expectations is key.

And observing people, I can’t stop doing (on buses, in parks, on the street, everywhere). I have a database of faces and facial features in my mind. If I see a face or a feature that ressembles no other I have seen, I am in awe.

So many faces, bodies, people!

30 years ago

Long ago, I studied photography. It was one of the most exciting times of my life.

These were taken during a fun weekend with artist friends (the designer, the hairdresser and the model). My amazing model is a natural beauty and an extremely gracious woman – she always looks good.

I want and need to go back to being this person that found time to practice my art. Not always easy. I got lost somehow while occupying other jobs in other domains. In the next few posts, I will show more of my photography work from that period.

Nothing was digital then, but I will use Photoshop to modify some photos in my next posts.

Black and white

What can I say! For me, black and white photography is the most beautiful, as it allow us to better see the lights and shadows.

On the right, a partially developed photography in the darkroom, no digital manipulation.

I feel that drawings with vine sticks and compressed charcoal have the same quality.