I have always been fascinated by shadows.

In 2015, I worked on a series of drawings entitled ‘Me and my shadow’ that featured both the shadows and the subjects (see my post of March 25, 2019 in Drawing/Still life).

This time, I decided to draw only the shadows created by the lateral light from the late afternoon winter sun, as shown on the photo below.

On a textured paper that I pinned directly to the wall, I traced the contour of the shadow and completed the drawing using a variety of woodless graphite pencils (Bs and Hs). The drawing is the actual size of the shadow.

My intent is to have a mysteriously-shaped drawing that is completely recognizable only with the subject.

Below, two different tableaus with the drawing.

On my next post, another one of the same series but this time with one of the lamps and multiple shadows.

Hope you like it!

8 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. I think the shapes of those lower leaves look almost like a dolphin. Experimenting with shadows is an interesting way to approach the idea of shadow and light, and to bring to life interesting shapes. Lovely!

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